Small Group Training - WINTER 2018 (Jan to March) 

Small group training is one of the best ways to quickly improve skills and boost a player's compete level and regular shift endurance.

Jamie Rivers - Owner, SYNERGY Hockey and

former Defenseman with the St. Louis Blues

Skill Lessons - WINTER 2018

Power Skating Lessons - WINTER 2018

Due to limited ice availability, we will NOT be providing an end of session make-up lesson for anyone that misses or skips a lesson.  If you know in advance that you will be gone, please contact us 48 hours prior to your scheduled lesson time and we will do our best to schedule you for another day the following week - IT IS TO BE UNDERSTOOD THAT A RESCHEDULED LESSON IS BASED ONLY ON AVAILBILITY AND NOT GUARANTEED.  When you enroll in one of these programs you need to have full intentions of attending your lessons on your scheduled lesson days.  We try very hard to maintain our skater to coach ratios and when skaters show up to lessons that they are NOT scheduled for, this throws off the training and curriculum for coaches and skaters.  Please be considerate of this policy.