Small Group Training LESSONS
(Skills & Power Skating)

Small group training is one of the best ways to quickly improve skills and boost a player's compete level and regular shift endurance.

Jamie Rivers - Owner, SYNERGY Hockey and

former Defenseman with the St. Louis Blues

NEW Small Group scheduling format this FALL 2020!  Over 200 hours of lesson ice has been booked - now you choose which days and times work best for you!!  Attend 1 lesson or attend's up to you!  Review our MASTER SCHEDULE....maybe you can do BOTH Power Skating Lessons AND Skill Lessons!  And, if you're a Virtual Student this Fall, maybe you'll find more hours that will work with your virtual learning schedule!


Upon enrollment of either our SKILL LESSONS or our POWER SKATING LESSONS, you will be provided with an option of how many lessons you wish to purchase - lesson package options are 1 lesson, 6 lessons, 10 lessons, 15 lessons or 20 lessons.  After selecting your package, you can schedule your lessons and then complete the transaction with payment.  We ask that you schedule your lessons soon!  Not only are there limited spots at each lesson, but we need time to schedule our staff based on how many are scheduled.  It is required within the system that you schedule lessons 24 hours in advance of the lesson.  You also have the option to cancel a lesson, it must be 24 hours before the lesson, but once cancelled, a lesson credit will be added back to your account to allow you to reschedule another.  Please understand that you can not cancel less than 24 hours from the lesson time - and any no-shows will count as a forfeited lesson.  Please contact our office at [email protected] should you have any questions!

**NOTE: Power Skating & Skill Lessons have SEPARATE enrollments.  If you are choosing to do BOTH, you must enroll in both separately and schedule each separately. For example: if you are wanting to participate in 20 total lessons (split between the two programs), you must enroll 10 lessons in Power Skate and 10 lessons in Skills.