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synergy  [sin-er-jee]   noun  

1)  the cooperative interaction of two or more forces, individuals, groups or merged parts, in an effort to create an enhanced, combined effect, where the outcome is greater than the sum of its individual parts.

SYNERGY - Bringing It All Together

Established in 2015, by NHL Pro and St. Louis Blues Defenseman, Jamie Rivers, SYNERGY Hockey Skills’ Training Foundation has strived towards the goal of working with hockey athletes for development in individual skill-set, tactical understanding, and physical fitness; "bringing it all together " for the shared goal of realizing and maximizing the full potential of every player.

SYNERGY Hockey is composed of pro and semi-pro hockey players and coaches, including Jamie Rivers.  While lead by Coach Rivers, all trainers, coaches and staff insert their own hockey experience and knowledge about the sport where appropriate, each having a strong desire to provide youth hockey players with a fun, productive environment for the best in hockey skill development.  There are many great hockey players, but not all are great leaders or teachers - this is what makes SYNERGY and it's team of coaches special - Coach Rivers hand picks the best of the best to help lead his team for synergy on the ice!

SYNERGY Hockey provides on-ice skill development year round through various programs, from small group trainings, to weekly summer camps and clinics, to working with individual hockey teams and their coaches during the hockey season.  SYNERGY offers programming for skaters of all ages and levels - from beginners to pros!


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