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Camp/Clinic Information

scroll down for the full summer 2024 schedule

Coach Jamie Rivers says:  SYNERGY's Camps & Clinics are the best option for youth hockey skaters in need of a fun and prodctive plan for their hockey skill development! 









SYNERGY Hockey Camps & Clinics are ideal for skaters that have progressed through a Learn to Skate Program (these are typcially offered through your local ice rink), as SYNERGY does NOT teach the very beginning steps of skating - however we DO return to some of these skating basics to perfect them and incorporate them into our skill work and training techniques.  If you can skate without assistance, you can particiapte in our programming!  It is also helpful (but not required) if your skater has also progressed through a Learn to Play Program (offered through your local hockey club).  SYNERGY has worked with skaters as young as 4 years old and up to adult ages - our camps & clinics are for "youth" skaters at beginner, house or travel levels.  Coach Rivers suggests that all youth skaters participate in our Camps or Clinics before progressing on to one of our Small Group Training options.

Our Summer Camp schedule is created in a somewhat "progressive" style order.  This enables many of our participants that like to do multiple weeks of camps to do them in a progressive order, and attend multiple/different program options.  While we do not require participation at one camp before attending another, it is sometimes helpful for the participant to begin with a Half-Day program, or perhaps a more basic skilled program, before participating in an advanced or position specific option.  We require full USA Hockey approved gear at all of our programs, so it's important your skater has their own equipment that they are comfortable in and used to wearing.

CAMPS:  Full day, 5 day programming.  Typically drop off around 8-8:30am and pick up around 4-4:30pm - official camp schedules provided a few days prior to camp to verify exact times.  Camps consist of 90 minutes of on-ice training in the AM and another 90 minutes in the PM, for a total of 3 hours daily.  The rest of the day consists of approximately 2 hours of organized and structured off-ice or dry land activities, which include a variety of activities, some more intense and specific to hockey, and others geared more toward fun and entertaining, but many times with hidden benefits (such as eye-hand coordination, team building, etc).  Lunches are typically NOT provided, unless noted, therefore participants should pack a lunch each day.  Participants should also be aware that they will need to dress/undress for AM & PM on-and-off ice components (mostly on their own) - our staff can assist ONLY with snapping helmets and tying skates.

CLINICS:  Shortened versions of our "camps", clinics are typically half day programs, ranging from 1 to 5 days, depending upon the program.  AM clincs typically have a drop off around 8-8:30am and pick up around 12pm, whereas PM clinics may have drop off around 12:30-1pm with pick up around 4-4:30pm - but times and exact inclusions (like off-ice training) may vary with each clinic.  Official clinic schedules are provided a few days prior to clinic to verify exact drop-off and pick-up times.  All clinics include on-ice training and most also include off-ice training as well (unless noted otherwise).  Off ice/dry land activities will vary from day to day, some more intense and specific to hockey, and others geared more toward fun, but many times with hidden benefits (such as eye-hand coordination, team building, etc).


SYNERGY 8 & Under Clinic

The SYNERGY 8 and Under Clinic was created to deliver basic hockey skills to new & younger players by focusing on proper practice habits & deep repetition in a fun environment. Younger players absorb teaching quickly, and SYNERGY's program seeks to challenge them to learn skills by recognizing mistakes and improving, with the end goal of a strong foundation for future development.  Drills, small area games & an introduction to competition highlight this program. Great for beginners or for more advanced young skaters preparing for the Squirt level.  $355/skater

SYNERGY Goal Scoring &

Power Skating Camp

The SYNERGY Goal Scoring & Power Skating Camp is a development program centered around helping players improve their offense abilities. By executing a carefully designed curriculum that combines shooting, scoring, and skating, campers will learn the skills to elevate their offensive game. Players of all ages and skill levels will be able to take advantage of learning how to create offense at high speed and practicing good decision making.  Mornings will focus on edgework, tight turns, explosive skating techniques, and performing game situation drills at full speed.  Afternoons will consist of shooting technique, goal scoring fundamentals, quick release shooting & learning to create offense at full speed.   $550/skater

SYNERGY Battle Clinic

Due to popular request, the SYNERGY Battle Clinic was developed to focus on tough situations to win battles on either sides of the puck (offense & defense).  Curriculum will combine skill drills specific to skating & game theory to encourage game situational battles over the puck. Players of all ages, levels & positions will learn how to properly & safely fight for loose pucks, win one-on-one battles, protect the puck, & make plays out of tight situations.  Program follows USA Hockey age requirements for checking.  $210/skater for 2 day option     $395/skater for 5 day option

SYNERGY Defense Camp

The SYNERGY Defense Camp is a development program with a specific curriculum to teach basic & advanced defensive skills and concepts. The on & off-ice sessions use unique drills & situation training to teach players to perform at high speeds with a calm frame of mind.  This camp is ideal for defensemen or forwards of all ages & levels looking to improve their play away from the puck. Specific Skill Focus:  backward skating, puck movement, proper body positioning, footwork & escapes, situation training (even and odd man defense), gap control, corner play, and net front battles.   $550/skater

St. Louis Blues Youth Hockey Camp

A St. Louis Blues Summer Experience - in an NHL-type Training Camp atmosphere - at the St. Louis Blues Practice Facility, the Centene Community Ice Center!

A great on and off-ice skill development program for hockey players of all youth ages and levels.  Enjoy Themed-Skill-Days, based on your favorite Blues players, and special appearances by past/present Blues players or staff, including Louie himself!   Program includes 3 hours of on-ice skills training each day and approximately 1-1/2 hours of off-ice skills training, utilizing Centene's state-of-the-art Bauer Skills Center. All skaters must provide their own lunch and all USA Hockey approved hockey equipment; one camp jersey and a Blues Youth Hockey T-shirt will be provided on first day of camp.  $XXX/skater  - TBD, usually mid to late Spring.


SYNERGY Skills Camp

The SYNERGY Skills Camp is a development program working off the foundation of deep repetition & mistake recognition to enhance perfect practice habits.  This programs' curriculum focuses on skills training, working outside of an athlete's comfort level, and includes small area competition to further translate teaching to game play. Specific Skill Focus:  shooting accuracy & power, forward & backward skating, puck skills (handling & protection), passing, stick skills (offensive & defensive positioning), stamina & agility training. Great starter camp or review camp for skaters of all ages and levels, before moving on to a more specific development camp.  $550/skater

SYNERGY Power Skating & Stickhandling Clinic

A specialty program, the SYNERGY Power Skating & Stickhandling Clinic will focus solely on stickhandling and power skating, combining the techniques together to help players of all ages & levels increase their scoring chances & improve their skills with the puck.  Players will develop quick hands, improve upon maneuvers such as a toe drag & reverse toe drag, stickhandle without looking at the puck, puck protection, edgework, tight turns, explosive starts, proper stopping techniques and new goal scoring maneuvers.  $210/skater for 2 day option 

$395/skater for 5 day option

SYNERGY Pre-TryOut Prep Camp

This SYNERGY Pre-TryOut "Prep" Camp is a perfect primer for players of all ages & levels to get in "hockey shape" prior to the start of the season through a more intense daily structure.  Skating is incorporated into lesson plans along with healthy competition on ice.  Off-ice, players will enjoy short burst conditioning and flexibility training to help in creating a player that is ready to compete at the start of the season. Program highlights include:  skill stations to sharpen & improve skills, power skating, shooting power & accuracy, and a Pre-TryOut Evaluation which includes verbal information & tips, delivered to each athlete to maximize individual performance at tryouts.  $550/skater

SYNERGY Advanced Skills & Game Concepts Camp

The Advanced Skills & Game Concepts Camp was created for those looking to take their overall understanding of the game to a higher level.  The curriculum for this program is suggested for skaters of any age or level that has progressed through other SYNERGY Camps or similar programs and are ready for more challenge as this program will focus on more advanced skill development.  The AM session will focus on: shooting in stride, deflections, tips, screens, forehand & backhand passing, deking & one-timers.  The PM session will focus on: game theories, concepts, reading the play & decision making, creating time & space, odd man situations, puck movement & possession,  quick release shooting & learning to create offense at full speed.   $550/skater

SYNERGY High School Development Clinic

This High School Development Clinic was designed to provide opportunities for High School aged players who have a very strong desire to reach a higher level of competition and skill development. Players should be dedicated athletes that are cooperative, attentive and disciplined.  The training format will consist of several shooting and puck handling drills, game situation drills for offensive/defensive strategies, utilization of gap control, learning how to create more time and space, and detailed attention to edgework and power skating. Program will cover the basics necessary for high school competition and skill levels will be challenged where appropriate. Open to any High School aged player (or incoming 8th grader planning to play for HS team) of any skill level.  $355/skater

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