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SUMMEr 2024 Lessons:

June through august

Our closest training options to "private" lessons are what we call our SMALL GROUP TRAINING lessons.  While these are not one-on-one options, they are definately "small group" and very individualized, and based on age and skill levels.  These training options are definately where skaters will recognize their biggest develolpment gains on the ice - or for the more elite level skaters, it's where they can continue to have their skills, speed, and stamina challenged to ensure an easier transition into the fall season.

All Summer lesson options provide "flexible" scheduling, 
allowing you to pick and choose your lesson days and times
from the full training schedule.

purchase lesson credits first - then schedule your lessons
using your purchased credits.

SUMMER Power Skating Program:  formerly, the twice a week (either M/W or T/Th) summer skating option that always SOLD OUT!  Same program, but now more flexible - still highly recommended for atleast twice a week, but now you can choose your days and times!  This is a great summer program for skaters of all ages and levels, designed to improve and help maintain HOCKEY SKATING TECHNIQUES.  Powerful, fast-paced, high-intensity hockey skating instruction, only adding pucks where necessary.  Players will increase speed, develop quickness & balance, and improve their technique, edge-work and power.

20 Lesson Credits = $900  /  15 Lesson Credits = $705

SYNERGY Skill Advancement Training (SSAT):  created specifically for the A or B level PeeWee, Bantam or Midget aged skater that's serious about advancing to the next level.  This program should be used as a way for dedicated hockey skaters to maintain, correct and improve upon their existing skills, but also to advance their individual skills to higher levels over the course of the summer months.  Skaters can expect individual and position specific training in small groups, building confidence by repetitiously executing skill work in real game like siutations. 

18 Lesson Credits = $972  

14 Lesson Credits = $748  /  10 Lesson Credits = $580

SYNERGY Performance Training (SPT):  for AAA, CS, College, Pro or other "elite" level player in need of continuous training during the summer months.  Maximize potential through intense, small group, individualized training with a flexible schedule.  Players will build confidence by repetitiously executing skill work in real game like situations, develop shot and ability to score in every scoring opportunity found in the game, become stronger on the puck, learn how to protect the puck and win one-on-one battles.

18 Lesson Credits = $1080

14 Lesson Credits = $868  /  10 Lesson Credits = $640

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