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synergy [sin-er-jee] noun 1) the art of creating something that is larger than the sum of its parts.

Synergy Hockey Skills’ Training Foundation strives for this goal in its work with athletes. We work for improvement in an athlete’s skill-set, tactical understanding, and physical fitness; bringing it all together for the shared goal of realizing the potential of every player.

Bringing It All Together 

Synergy Hockey is composed of pro and semi-pro hockey players and coaches, including former Blues player Jamie Rivers, all with a strong desire to provide youth hockey players with a fun, productive environment for skill development.

We provide hockey skill development year round through various programs, from small group trainings to weekly summer camps to working with individual hockey teams and their coaches during the hockey season.

“Synergy Hockey Skills is a passion of mine that combines the experiences of my career as a pro with new teaching methods designed to recognize optimal training for athletes based on their age and skill level. We’re constantly learning from our students and a wide body of information to translate teaching to on-ice success.” - Jamie Rivers, Owner